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Introducing BioTe

Increase your energy, strength & weight loss. Enhance your mood, memory & mental clarity. Restore your libido & improve relationships. Feel younger, healthier & happier.


BHRT Is Backed By Science

Optimized hormones may help relieve some age-related health issues, including:

  • Decreased Bone Density

  • Poor Heart Health

  • Abnormal Breast & Prostate Health

  • Diminished Cognition & Memory

  • Reduced Energy & Sex Drive

Learn more at or ask your Biote Certified Provider.

How To Get Started

We understand that seeking medical care can be intimidating, but we have a simple plan to help.

  1. Determine your eligibility by scheduling a consultation with a Biote Certified Provider.

  2. Review your personalized care plan that will include your current hormone, thyroid, and vitamin D levels.

  3. Select your preferred treatment options, and start to take control of your health!

Find Your Peace

Studies have shown optimized hormones are necessary for good health.

Hormone levels naturally decline up to 10% yearly as we age.

Precision Dosing Is Key

Every patient's symptoms are unique, so each journey is customized. We measure individual hormone and nutrient levels using a quick yet comprehensive blood work test. The results are then processed with Biote's proprietary dosing platform-delivering precision and preventive patient care plans.


The Biote Method of hormone optimization uses bioidentical hormone pellets, which contain testosterone or estrogen. Patient-specific pellets are placed subcutaneously in the body and release a continuous stream of hormones. These pellets dissolve and are absorbed into the body.

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